Lean Services

LEAN Australia is a registered business of Performance Drivers and combines their unique business support solutions with Lean services to help your business dramatically improve its profitability.

Lean Australia’s services can help you to:

  • Transform your warehousing, distribution, customer service and manufacturing.
  • Dramatically improve your business profits, performance and processes.
  • Liberate your organisation from manufacturing and administration service business constraints.
  • Provide hands on training and facilitation plus optimised Lean solutions and process implementation.
  • Understand the process and rewards of your Lean transformation.

Our broad affiliations and highly experienced and qualified Lean Consultants make Lean Australia your one stop Lean solutions provider.

Discover the Lean solutions available to improve your business.  Follow the specific links below or to request additional information or enquire about our Lean services, email admin@performancedrivers.com.au or call 61 (02) 9683 6200.  Alternatively, access our case studies to view examples of results achieved with our customers.



Performance Drivers Consortium nurtures world class capability and business performance. Meetings focus on the deployment of new and relevant operational performance improvement tools such as Lean Enterprise.

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