LEAN Tools

Lean Tools

The Objective of Lean Thinking is to develop the capability of an organisation to deliver …

  • The best Product / Service / information in the world …
  • With the best Quality in the World …
  • At the shortest delivery time in the world …
  • With the most satisfied customers in the world …
  • And the happiest staff in the world …

This is done by making materials of information FLOW by identifying and removing wastes ….
There are a number of Lean Tools developed to do this.

The House of Lean describes the structure of the Lean Tools as follows :

  • FOUNDATION – Tools to achieve operational stability – you cannot improve a process until it is stable
  • LEFT PILLAR – Tools to make the materials . information flow
  • RIGHT PILLAR Tools to solve quality and other problems
  • CONTENTS – People Empowerment, Teams, respect for People

The FOUNDATION Tools get the wastes out of the WORKPLACE – and also ensure Daily Improvement and sustaining the gains
The FLOW Tools get the wastes out of the SYSTEM
The QUALITY tools get the wastes out of the PROCESSES

Foundation of House of Toyota – Basics

1. Kaizen
2. 7 Wastes
3. Daily Management & Visual Metrics
4. 5S – Workplace Organization, Standardization and Safety
5. Visual Workplace
6. Standard Work – Pegboard Game
7. TPM and Autonomous Maintenance ( for Process industries )

FLOW – Left Pillar of House of Toyota

8. VSM Value Stream Mapping ( 3 separate modules tailored for Manufacturing, Service / Admin and Supply Chain – the methodology and case studies are different )
9. Line Balancing, TAKT Time, and Flow
10. Quick Changeover
11. Kanban
12. Heijunka – Scheduling
13. Load Levelling
14. Layout and Cellular Manufacturing
15. Single Piece Flow ( Eliminate or reduce batching )

JIDOKA – Problem Solving – Learning Organisation – Right Pillar of House of Toyota

16. Poka Yoke – Error Proofing
17. Root Cause Analysis ( RCA , 5Y, Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagram, Pareto )
18. Structured Problem Solving A3 – PDCA
19. SPC – Statistical Process control for Operators – M&M Game
20. Basic Six Sigma for Operators and Supervisors

PEOPLE ISSUES – Teams – Respect for People – Strategy – Middle of House of Toyota

21. Team Training and Evaluation
22. Lean Leadership ,Management & Implementation
23. Culture Change – Moments of Truth
24. Hoshin Planning – Goal Alignment


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Performance Drivers Consortium nurtures world class capability and business performance. Meetings focus on the deployment of new and relevant operational performance improvement tools such as Lean Enterprise.

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