LEAN Training – Capabilities & Methodology

Astute Australian business owners, managers and administrators acknowledge that there always remains room for improvement. Regardless of the scale of your enterprise, the industry or discipline you operate within, every issue that you encounter, when viewed and actioned as an opportunity, can ultimately be turned to your advantage.

How can you or your organisation gain this skill? By learning and understanding Lean Thinking capabilities and methodologies that once learned can be immediately deployed. At the core of Lean, is learning by doing, high retention participatory teaching methods that enable what you learn in the morning to be done that afternoon.

“It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting.” – Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity.

To make sure you and your colleagues acquire all the essential skills to improve your business processes plus the knowledge to confidently implement effective Lean principles, Lean Australia delivers an unparalleled range of public, group and individualised Lean Training programs and training options, including:

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Lean Training - The Learning Pyramid
All the successful training exercises you can participate in utilise the practical principles of Lean, Six Sigma, MOS and the Theory of Constraints. They are action oriented (Kaizen) and plan-based with strategic goal alignment (Hoshin Planning). Your Lean Australia trainers and ‘on the job’ facilitators will ensure you enjoy rapid results and that your process advances are sustainable through a step-by-step approach that makes certain that skills are transferred and your improved systems are in place.

Your Lean Australia consultants and facilitators are all qualified, certified and practiced senior trainers (Certificate IV in training and assessment). All your high retention Lean training programs and modules are supported with interactive video, practical learning activities, informative presentations on subject principles and supported with applicable Australian case studies.

At each session’s conclusion you can expect to leave with a clear understanding of the subject, plus checklists, assessment handouts and useful templates designed to assist you with your Lean training’s immediate application in your workplace.

LEAN Sigma Workshop & Lean Sigma Awareness Briefings – 1 Day (Sydney )

When you’re beginning, or considering a Lean Transformation, or as soon as you’d like a better understanding of how Lean Thinking can benefit your organisation, enrol yourself and your key employees in Lean Australia’s informative introductory workshop & awareness briefing.

By attending this 1 day introductory workshop you will be capable of articulating Lean principles to colleagues plus understand Lean Thinking philosophy and have the ability to start your own pilot project.

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LEAN Discreet Management Awareness Briefings

Fully understanding your planned Lean Transformation and your management team’s roles and responsibilities in the process is critical to achieving your business improvement objectives.

Management awareness sessions are tailored to match your specific objectives and delivered as either half or full day briefings as your requirements dictate.
Each discrete briefing ensures that all senior stakeholders share and understand the same vision and culminates in a facilitation session, where a pilot project that will swiftly generate a significant change is selected.

To arrange your management workshop or receive additional information call 61 (02) 9683 6200 or email admin@performancedrivers.com.au today.

LEAN On Site Training modules

Lean Australia’s unrivalled portfolio of on site training modules is easily configured to match your particular business improvement objectives and align with you industry sector and business disciplines.

You can select from almost 40 individual Lean training modules that cover every practical aspect from the basic fundamentals and Lean philosophy, Lean process, information and customer value flow, root cause analysis, problem solving and error prevention and people issues across all commercial, not for profit and government sectors.

Delivered at your site or workplace to facilitate Lean Australia’s ‘learning by doing’ implementation methodology.

To receive details of your on site training module selection criteria call 61 (02) 9683 6200 or email admin@performancedrivers.com.au today.

LEAN Business Cluster Training

Developed specifically to foster collaborative training exercises and workshops for groups of companies, this highly productive business cluster improvement program is unique within Australia.

Whilst each participating organisation develop and implement their own separate Lean plans and strategies your enterprise will gain a far broader understanding of the extended commercial benefits and collective advantages of cooperating within a related Lean business cluster.

Usually run over a 6 month period of training and facilitation, participating companies share training workshops but undertake implementation separately.

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LEAN Leadership & Transformation

Your path to sustained performance improvement is a 6 month program that introduces you to best practice Lean knowledge and leadership skills that will transform your enterprise. Your sessions are practical, with experiential learning simulations, interactive DVD’s, class participation and local case studies, plus include practical hands on project work that when implemented within your business will increase its competitiveness.

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LEAN Customised Training

No two enterprises or government departments are alike, therefore to make certain that Lean planning and implementation procedures fit the culture and aspirations of all stakeholders Lean Australia regularly customise and develops bespoke training modules and workshops to meet individual criteria.

For example Lean Australia has developed specialised Lean training modules for environmental sustainability, construction standards, specialised assembly warehousing and distribution and staff awareness briefings as a prelude to launching business improvement initiatives.

To receive further details of Lean Australia’s customised training modules call 61 (02) 9683 6200 or email admin@performancedrivers.com.au today.

Lean Australia is widely acknowledged as the most successful provider of high retention training in Lean business improvement solutions that empower you to achieve tangible and quantifiable results.

To enquire about Lean  Training Australia, enrol or receive additional information on any of your choice of workshops and training module options call 61 (02) 9683 6200 or email admin@performancedrivers.com.au today.


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