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AME is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1985. AME provides to its members an educational opportunity to learn leading-edge techniques and a forum whereby members stay abreast of new and developing management and operational techniques.

LEI’s global mission is to be the leading educators for society in maximizing value and minimizing waste. To accomplish this goal, LEI develops and advances lean principles, tools, and techniques designed to enable positive change.

The Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) was formed in 1994, bringing together the benchmarking and lean production work of Daniel Jones (together with James Womack of MIT) and the work on supplier development and materials management of Peter Hines.

The Lean University was founded to provide your company with personal coaching for the implementation of lean manufacturing along with on-line e-classes covering the lean concepts and tools (visual factory, error proofing, quick changeover, etc.) and implementation aids. The knowledge and understanding of lean manufacturing provided at Lean University will allow you to cut manufacturing lead time, improve throughput with increased equipment availability and part quality, reduce operating costs, improve production control and increase your responsiveness to customer needs.

Australian Software developed to manage and trace Goal Alignment . This Software has been adopted by a number of Global Multinationals.

Vative have an eye for innovation and develop Lean Processes, Products and Services that will provide innovative solutions to help keep you ahead of your competitors.


Bringing Out the Best in People
by Aubrey C. Daniels

5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace
by Hiroyuki Hirano

Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation
by J.Womack & D.Jones

Learning to See
by Mike Rother and John Shook

The Machine That Changed the World
BY J.Womack & D.Jones, and Daniel Roos

Poka-Yoke: Improving Product Quality by Preventing Defects
by NKS/Factory Magazine

The Visual Factory: Building Participation Through Shared Information
by Michel Grief


Performance Drivers Consortium nurtures world class capability and business performance. Meetings focus on the deployment of new and relevant operational performance improvement tools such as Lean Enterprise.

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