Dear Brian,

We just wanted to say thank you for delivering a presentation for APICS last week at Cardiff. I have spoken to Graeme Barnes and reviewed the evaluation forms that were submitted, and it appears that attendees were well pleased. Those who completed the forms (about 75% of delegates) indicated that they were very satisfied with the presentation – that it had met their expectations and that the information would be useful in their business. Attendees were particularly impressed with your knowledge and expertise. These are some written comments that we received:

“I thought the example on the DVD was very interesting.”
“Good to see some practical applications”
“Important topic for survival.”
“Very practical and simple.”
“Very knowledgeable.”
“Brian has a great knowledge of the lean manufacturing process.”
“Concise content. Simple style and delivery.”
“Video was great.”

We really do appreciate you taking the time to speak to our members, particularly in Cardiff, and for preparing and sharing your expertise.

Linda Henry
Business Manager
apics NSW


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