Dear Brian

Your presentation on Wednesday night at the CPA discussion group was dynamic, motivating. All of us identified with the delays in office work, and in purchasing, getting data from other sources, producing what we are paid to do. % of time waiting vs value increase is vital.

The story of shortening a line changeover turnaround time in China, where interpreters were needed to communicate between you and the operating staff, from 6 hours to 48 minutes – in three days – is fantastic.

On another plane, I admire your achievement of creating Lean in Australia, and providing a very worthwhile service. On my level, I reduced report-producing time daily, weekly, monthly in companies I worked for – at least halved; a US company amazed at monthly time reduction from two weeks to three days (that was before ‘One Day Reporting’ was heard of – which is still rare).

However, when I tried to go out on my own to do this, my selling ability was zero. I’m now semi-retired, doing contract work when I feel like refreshing my accounting skills.

(I was the convenor+drinks/chips distributor at the CPA night.)

P.S. I tried to think of ways to get the NSW govt dept DADHC connected to Lean. Very stuck on ‘we do it this way’ attitude.

Best Regards

Rex Broadbent


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