Hi Brian,

The response from the training participants has been uniformly positive. Everyone had good take aways about the possibilities of Lean and TOC offers us, and were also very complimentary about yourself and the way you did the training. They are keen to start!

We have had a follow-up meeting, in which I intended to cover off – ideas and takeaways, the “moments of truth” and the plan for implementation. It was a lively discussion, the group were engaged and it was agreed that the spot welding area should be the first target for 5S and kaizen blitz. We did not cover moments of truth because we ran out of time. I intend to do that this week.

The decision was taken by the group, based around discussion of what we thought was the bottleneck (interestingly 3/10 votes) and would provide a strong visual impact for the plant to observe.

So, I am keen to keep the momentum and plan our first kaizen blitz. Can you please give me a call and/or arrange a catch up soon so we can plan the next steps.


Russell Glenie


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